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Aqua Map USA Marine GPS

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An app to satisfy all your Fishing and Boating's needs, developed with the help of professional fishermen. You will be able to download the best nautical charts and enjoy your fishing season. Press the RECORD button, put the phone in your pocket and record your fishing trolling track....and much more. ►► Features: • Amazingly clear maps. • User friendly interface. • Full coverage US NOAA Nautical charts (including Great Lakes, Alaska and Hawaii). • You can download the maps (for FREE, no additional purchase is required)) on the device, to be used later without any internet connection. • Store your tracks and markers without the need of cellular data or phone signal. • Share tracks, markers and pictures in various formats (KMZ and GPX). • ActiveCaptain community integration. • No problem to receive/make phone calls and messages while recording the tracks. • Store an unlimited number of tracks and markers. • Customize your Marker's icon and Track's color. • Load any track and marker from internet communities (KMZ, GPX)• Switch between Map display modes (Offline, Satellite, Roads). • Query map objects with your finger tip .
► MAPS Aqua Map lets you download - for FREE!! - the best US Nautical charts (from NOAA) and US Major Rivers (from USACE) with depth contours, buoys, lights, etc. and all it is necessary to enjoy your best fishing experience.
► ACTIVECAPTAIN ActiveCaptain Community integration: Join the community of hundreds of thousands of boaters who write reviews, update data and provide up to date hazard information on ActiveCaptain.
► SHARING Why do not sharing your favorite's markers on Facebook or sending an email with your last daily track, with all the pictures you captured to show them on Earth or Maps ? With Aqua Map it is just a click.
► LOADING OTHER's TRACKS AND MARKERSAqua Map can load any KMZ, GPX you can find over the internet or received from your friends. You can load tracks and markers generated from any application (e.g. Google EarthTM, Maps, or other iPhone/iPad apps), obviously including Aqua Map, or any device (e.g. Garmin Etrex, Nuvi, Magellan, etc.).
► BACKGROUND MODE Aqua Map works also when in background, you can receive/make calls and messages while the track recording is running.
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